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Food & Dining in Guatemala


The type of food really depends on how much you want to spend and what type of place you want to spend it at. You can get almost any type of food at the main tourist locations (Antigua, Guatemala City, etc). Guatemalan food differs from Mexican food as it is a lot less spicy, do not expect chili, fajitas or jalapenos.

Among the local specialties are pollo asado (grilled chicken), chuchitos (tamales) and frijoles con arroz (beans and rice). Handmade tortillas are typically served with every meal; they're usually smaller and thicker than Mexican-style tortillas. The desayuno chapin, the traditional Guatemalan breakfast, consists of eggs, beans, cheese, fried plantains and tortillas.

Guatemala City

Guatemala City is a cultural crossroads, the vibrant vital centre of a country with 23 ethnic and linguistic groups. Growing foreign investment, tourism and expanded business activity have recently stirred this mix, creating a city that exudes exuberance and diversity. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the restaurants, where the eclectic choices will satisfy anyone's tastes.

The mainstay of international cookery, anywhere in the world, is Chinese food. In Guatemala City, this is best served at Don Lee (Calle 24 in Zona 9) and Lai Lai, (corner of Avenida 7 and Calle 12 in Zona 9). Italian food can be found at Ciao and La Piazza while Spanish cooking is best represented by La Barraca de Don Pepe, in Zone 4 and Altuna, on Avenida 5 in Zona 1. For the subtle flavours of French cuisine, try L’Entrecôte de París, on Avenida Reforma or Jean Franceau, on Real de la Villa Street and for meatier Argentinean fare, Fulanos y Menganos, or La Media Cancha, in Zona 9.

German food is served at Los Tilos and ever-popular Mexican cooking at Rancho Grande. Less well-known, although no less delicious, includes Salvadorian cuisine, which can be sampled at Pupusería Típico or the Café Restaurante Salvadoreño, on Avenida Reforma in Zona 9. There are also two good Uruguayan restaurants in town: the Punta del Este, on Avenida 6 in Zona 9 or A Fuego Lento, on Calle 6 in Zona 10. Finally, of course, you must try the home-grown tastes of Guatemala itself. Two of the best restaurants for this are La Posada del Mondongo, and Comidas Guayacán.

Zone 10 is well known as the Zona Viva as the parties here last all night. To start the party, here are some good places where you can go to have a drink. Señor Tortuga Fun, Food and Music is a bar-restaurant with a good selection of drinks and cocktails as well as live music. Further down the street is Gaudemus (15 Calle y 2 Avenida, Zona 10) and El Closet (15 Calle 2-23, Zona 10). Both places offer a fun atmosphere. If you like playing while you drink, walk three more blocks until you get to Calle 12 1-92, Zona 10, where you will find the Billiard & Bar Monte Carlo.

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