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Guatemala Immigration Information Work Permit


Individuals who will work in Guatemala must obtain a Residence Visa and Work Permit. Both documents are valid for one year and are renewed in Guatemala.

The following is a general summary of the types of employment visa categories that are common to corporate, international transfers into Guatemala.

Regularisation of immigration status from Visitor status to Work Status

A foreign national employee must convert his or her immigration status from a Visitor status to Work status while in Guatemala. The employee can be present in Guatemala while the work permit application is being processed; however, the employee will not have authorisation to work.

Types of Visas

The two visas required to live and work in Guatemala are:

• Residence Visa;
• Work Permit.

General Process & Basic Requirements

A Guatemalan corporate sponsor is required to prepare specific immigration and labour documents. The application process is completed in two phases; obtaining a residence permit and the subsequent obtainment of a work permit. The residence permit must be obtained prior to filing for the work permit. Both visas must be obtained in Guatemala.

The Guatemalan entity must maintain a ratio of nine Guatemalan workers for every one foreign worker for regular positions. Management positions are exempt from this requirement. However, if more than two foreign managers are employed at the Guatemalan entity, the company must pay a fine.

Guatemalan Corporate Documents Required for Work Permit

The sponsoring Guatemalan employer must present the following documents:

• Sworn declaration of Responsibility;
• Sworn Guarantee;
• Job offer letter;
• Act from Board of Directors;
• Accounting certification/tax return forms.

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